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Extremely versatile in nature, the deep espresso shade “Molasses” will be the prize color of brunettes! Depending on how much pressure is applied, “Molasses” can create a range of tones from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. A sweet treat for brunettes!

Create breathtaking arches —beautifully and believably— with Brow Architect Stylo. This waterproof stylo imparts the natural finish of an eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil. Brow Architect Stylo is the ultimate two-in-one product, featuring a “never needs sharpening” fully retractable tip on one side and a brush for easy blending on the other. Available in three brow perfect shades, this convenient and portable pencil provides long lasting results for the modern woman. For optimal results, finish with Brow Structure Clear Set for a durable, groomed finish.

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