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Duo Brow Brush

Duo Brow Brush


A brow powder is only as good as the brush that it’s applied with!  This essential two-in-one eyebrow brush will be the first and last tool you ever purchase for all of your brow needs.  Allowing the user to expertly groom, fill, control, and define their eyebrows, there is nothing you can’t do with Duo Brow Brush. The angled portion is a mix of cruelty-free boar and badger hair, providing a stiff applicator for working in brow powder with the utmost control.  The eyebrow spoolie brush provided on the opposite end ensures optimal distribution of the color and will sweep brows into place for a sophisticated finish.

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  1. Wonderful brush! The brush end is hard enough to create perfect lines and soft enough to fill in. The brush tip picks up product very easily and the spoolie end blends it ever so smoothly. Haven’t had an eyebrow brush this good in a long time. I even went back and bought one for my sister and mom.

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