Joey is an eyebrow SUPERSTAR!! - Annie H.

I sought out the BEST OF THE BEST in NYC! Enter Joey…he is on the top of his game. I’ll never go to anyone else again! - Courtney D.

Using Joey’s products is SO EASY –I have never had this much CONFIDENCE using makeup.  – Rachel D.

He is an ARTIST! I have finally found my eyebrow guru – Carolina Z.

Thank you Joey for REMEMBERING US REDHEADS.  This is the first time that I have used a brow powder that didn’t make me look like a clown! – Gail V.

Joey is BRILLIANT! A genius! He gave me a PERFECT MALE EYEBROW! - Thomas J.

These products are AMAZING FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.  With my brows enhanced, I can get away with WEARING LESS MAKEUP– Christine A.

If brows were a language Joey would be utterly fluent! He is WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Joey Healy is a BROW GOD! - Jessica T.

SCREW BOTOX. Just go to Joey! - Erin R.

After years of having weak, gappy eyebrows they are finally LUSH &  FULL thanks to The Joey Healy Brow Renovation Serum.  I can’t say enough about this MIRACLE PRODUCT. – Stephanie R.

You must schedule an appointment with Joey for an eyebrow shaping – and BRING THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE, too. He works with everyone from the make-up challenged (me) to supermodels. – Kristen B.

Until now, filling in my brows wasn’t working for me at all.  I thought it was my technique, but it was my brush.  Joey’s Duo Brow Brush is the BEST BRUSH EVER and makes the job a snap. –  Jessica G.

I found Joey and thank the gods I did. His expertise promises (and delivers!) My brows are officially Joey’s…NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER TOUCH THEM, not even me. - Lesley S.

My thin Asian eyebrows have never looked so fierce! NO MORE WAXING for me. - Semi W.

The look is never complete without my Joey Healy “Tobacco” brows.  As a woman with a deeper skin tone, I’m delighted at how NATURAL the color is.  NO MORE MIXING!  – Ashley J.


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