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The rarest of beauties among us are most certainly the redheads.  Constantly overlooked by other cosmetic companies, this group of women will delight at the natural, cinnamon tone of this eyebrow color!  Ideal for all redheads and strawberry blondes, “Equestrian” is a rusty, earthy red that’s never brassy, just ravishing.

Ideal for softly filling in eyebrows with natural definition, Luxe Brow Powder allows you to effortlessly sculpt your brows by subtly emphasizing key points of your shape. Available in four comprehensive shades, Luxe Brow Powder flawlessly mimics the look of your real eyebrows. Its waterproof formula will ensure that your eyebrows stay beautifully refined throughout the course of the day. For optimal results, use with the Duo Brow Brush for expert application and set with Brow Structure Clear Set for a durable, groomed finish.

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